Gap Insurance

Lower your monthly premiums by choosing a Gap Insurance Plan for Heart Attack, Cancer, Stroke and Accident.

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What is Gap insurance for Health Insurance?

There are a few different types of gap insurance to choose from to help keep your Health care premium down.

For instance, you probably already know the Higher the deductible the lower the Premium. But who wants to pay for a plan that you never use? That’s why you add a gap plan. Gap plans are cheap and can be added to your health coverage to keep your premium down and affordable.

What types of Gap plans are there?

Accident: Probably the main reason most people end up in the ER
Heart Attack or Stroke: If this happens its going to cost you.
Cancer: 1 out of 3 people will come down with cancer in their life.

Gap plans pay an immediate sum to you upon occurrence. example: Jimmy feel and broke his arm and has a $4000 deductible, however Jimmy added a $4000 Accident plan to his health coverage for $20 a month so now he will get a check for $4000 which will help him cover the deductible.